So, How Much?

Whenever I'm asked how much our websites cost, I always respond with the question,
"How much does a car cost".

The answer, of course, is
"It depends".

Websites, like cars, come in all shapes, sizes, options, functionalities and price tags.

The first step in calculating the cost of a website is a DISCOVERY process. A discussion of the whys and the hows and the what-ifs, and the whens, and wheres, and whos, and a BUNCH of what-abouts. This will result in a crystal clear blueprint outlining, in high def detail, everything that will go into your web project.

For more information on the discovery process click HERE.

The packages below are designed to fit every budget. From those just getting started with a very limited budget, to those larger, enterprise level businesses with larger budgets to invest to guarantee rapid growth and expansion.

You can choose one of the cost saving packages or choose to build your own package from the menu of OPTIONS.

Just A Website

Website, Hosting and Management

Starter Web Presence Package

Small Business Web Presence Package

Medium Business Web Presence Package

Enterprise Web Presence Package

Descriptions Of Optional Add-Ons

Custom Built WordPress Website

A WordPress website built to your specific needs. Includes a discovery phase (see Discovery) in which goals and strategies will be defined. The cost of the website will be determined through the discovery process. Website content (text, images, video, audio) will be supplied by the client or created by our professional writers for an extra charge (see content creation). 

COST: To Be Determined

Social Media Management

Includes a customized FaceBook business page, Twitter account, Google+. 4 postings a week and targeted advertising. This will build a community of followers and fans of your brand, products and services. Posts will get shared, retweeted, replies, comments, clicks. All this activity will expand your web presence and help to establish you brand as an authority in your market.

COST: $300 (does not include ad budget)

Email List Management

Staying in contact with your customers, fans and prospects is vital to the success of your business! We will build and grow your email list ETHICALLY and in a way that makes the contacts look forward to email from your brand. We will gather the email address of people who connect with your social network, your video channel, your webinars, your blog and your website. We will create monthly updates as well as welcome an thank you emails for people who opt in to your various programs and events.

COST: $150/mo

Blogging Services

You need to be consistently publishing quality, relevant articles focused on helping and educating your audience about your products, services, industry, tips & tricks, etc. This is an important way to build trust and credibility as well as increase the searchability of your website.  Your blog articles will be written by professional ghost writers. You can choose to proof read the articles and give approval before publishing or you can choose to stay out of it altogether. The articles will be posted to your blog and announced through your social network, thus driving more and more traffic to your site and educating your visitors about your brand.

COST: $50 per article

Website Hosting, Maintenance and Management

A WordPress website needs to be hosted, updated, backed up, protected from hackers and monitored regularly. Ideally, this should all be done by someone who knows the site intimately. Like the person who built the site. Along with all these tasks, the site should be monitored and optimized for speed. Sometimes certain elements of the website (plugins and themes) can become out dated or incompatible with each other and can slow down or even break the website. Most business owners don't have the time on interest in the learning curve involved in the care and maintenance of a WordPress website. We have systems and processes in place that allow us to do all of these tasks much more efficiently and effectively.

COST: $80/mo

Video Channel Management

Video is essential for getting your message out! It could be you or your team on camera speaking directly to you audience. Or an "explainer" video with animations or a white board diagram informing and enlightening. Or a testimonial from one of your over-joyed customers. All these videos need to be managed and prepared for use on all your various web channels. Your blog, your social media, your online advertising, your web pages, etc...

COST: $100/mo

Search Engine Optimization

Stories of the death of SEO have been greatly exaggerated! SEO is very much alive. And if it is ignored it on your website, the only way anyone will find your business is by you telling them about it (not a bad idea anyway). SEO is the process of making it easy for people searching for things to find the best version of that thing they’re searching for. For this to happen Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the rest have created complex formulas for serving, categorizing and sorting the “stuff” on the web. When someone is looking for a red widget at the best price close by, the search engines do their very best to give the searcher the results they’re looking for. A simplified version of this process would be that Google looks for a local business that shows an expertise and seems to specialize in red widgets.

We will create a short list of keywords and phrases that people are using to search for your products/services. Our professional content creators, we will make sure your website has articles, discussions, headings and page titles using these keywords and phrases. These same keywords and phrases should be used regularly in your social media posts as well as your email campaigns.

COST: $150/mo

Webinar System Management

Webinars are HIGHLY effective ways to connect your message with your audience. The positive value of interacting, in real-time, with your prospects and customers cannot be over emphasized. There are many technical aspects to even the most user-friendly webinar system. We'll handle all the technical stuff so you can focus on what's most important - Your Presentation. At least two weeks before the webinar date you send us all the details - Date, time, title, summary description, presenter's bio, PowerPoint or video, etc... and we will set up the webinar system and begin promoting the webinar through all your subscribed channels (blog, social media, email, video, etc). All you have to do is show up and be AMAZING!

COST: $75 per webinar

Ecommerce Option

Ecommerce = Selling stuff on the internet. If you intend to accept money on your website there are a number of security provisions that need to be put in place to protect you and your customers. SSL certificates, key encryption, dedicated IP address, payment gateway, just to name a few. The cost for the ecommerce part of a website is dependent upon a number of these elements. For example if you have a very small budget, you could choose to use PayPal offsite as your payment gateway and avoid a number of monthly charges. However, this option doesn't feel very professional to your customers. If you have more money to spend you could use a service named Stripe. This would require An SSL and a dedicated IP address  (additional monthly charges).

Through the DISCOVERY phase we will create the best set of options to reach your goals within your budget.

COST: Variable

Membership Website

Details coming soon

COST: $500 (add on to website cost)

Website Content Creation

Creating the text content for your website is a very important responsibility. Unless you are a trained and experienced web content writer, you would be much better served leaving this to the professionals. However, if you already have professionally created documents describing your business, products and services, we can use that as foundation material with which to create your web content and save you money.
If you like to write and you have time to do it (and you’re good at it), and you can deliver the content in a timely manner, you can save even more money!
If, like most business owners, you have precious little time for writing web content, we’ll take care of it.

COST: $50 per 500 words


Details coming soon

COST: $100 (applied to cost of website if accepted)