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Dawnelle Hyland

Dawnelle Hyland

Dawnelle Hyland is a recognized leader, trainer, and speaker in the fields of personal and organizational transformation. Since 1998, she has trained and coached leaders among education, government, not-for-profit, and general public audiences—most notably, the United Nations. In 1996, she was recognized by the White House for her award-winning visionary leadership programs for educators. She […]

Barry Shapiro

“To be a catalyst of positive change who develops human potential in organizations throughout the world.” Barry invested the first half of his career working within the walls of psychiatric treatment facilities improving the lives of people with mental illness and the second half of his career improving the performance of Fortune 500 corporations.  As […]

Esak Garcia

Esak Garcia has been a yoga devotee for over 20 years. He was trained by Radha Garcia (his mother), Bikram Choudhury and Mary Jarvis. He leads day-long workshops and weekend long seminars during which he coaches students into greater self awareness of breathing, stillness and posture technique. In addition, he leads quarterly trainings that guide […]

Bettie Spruill

Bettie J. Spruill, PPC is a world renowned executive coach, management consultant, entrepreneur, and trainer with over 40 years experience in the field of transformational leadership. She is also a certified Master NLP practitioner and a recognized thought leader in Ontological, Mindful, Ecological Living. In 1981, Bettie attended her first ontological coaching course with Dr. […]

Natalie Oliver-Atherton

Natalie has traveled the globe heading up bands of all shapes and sizes.  She has sung in front of major orchestras (e.g., Colorado Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Sinfonia Gulfcoast), headlined in Las Vegas, has been a New York and Los Angeles session singer and voice over artist and has starred on Broadway and in feature films […]

Dr. Ray Blanchard

Lifestyle Architect. Ray Blanchard is a leading trainer, seminar designer, corporate consultant, and founder of BLANCHARD CONSULTING GROUP, LLC. He is a partner in Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything. His deep interest in consciousness and transformational technologies has shaped his approach to work and […]

Dr. Carolyne ‘ISIS’ Fuqua

All across the United States, as well as in such exotic locations as Egypt, China, Malaysia, and Ghana, groups of like-minded individuals form “Circles of Light,” led and inspired by visionary founder, Dr. Carolyne Fuqua. Transforming the lives of untold thousands of people, Dr. Carolyne, lovingly known as “Isis,” (pronounced Ezeese) continuously travels the globe, […]