Barry Shapiro

“To be a catalyst of positive change who develops human potential in organizations throughout the world.”

Barry invested the first half of his career working within the walls of psychiatric treatment facilities improving the lives of people with mental illness and the second half of his career improving the performance of Fortune 500 corporations.  As a result, Barry understands how to improve the health and effectiveness of his clients.

For 12 years as Group Therapist and Program Director for several treatment clinics, Barry drastically improved the medical and financial outcomes for both the patients and the organization.  As Director of Training and Development for a Global Consulting firm, Barry has worked successfully for over 10 years with Coca Cola, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Western Union, Corporate Express, among many others in the capacity of Executive Coach, Group Facilitator and Thought Leader.

Creating and hosting the award-winning television program, called Mind Matters, which educates the community about mental health and demystified the concept of mental illness.

Writing the book, Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America-the role of the extraordinary facilitator, which encapsulates years of experience and thought about how to  improve the performance of organizations and the lives of human beings, through the power of one dynamic consultant.

Recording 2 music CD’s, Beacon Street and In Remission, which contain original folk music inspired by traveling and working with organizations around the world.